Q. How can I access my e-mails from a web client?

A. You can access your mails from the URL given by the Hosting department of LK Domain Registry. It may contain a common URL with a port number.

After visiting the URL you need to provide the email address and the password as the login credentials. After successful login, you will be directed to a panel where you can select a preferred webmail application. Currently, you have 3 options; i.e. Horde, RoundCube or Squirrel Mail.


Q. How I can change my e-mail Password?

You need to login to the online panel which is given by the hosting department of LK Domain Registry. After login to the panel, you can use the iicon and change the password as required. Please use a strong password contains characters, numbers and at least one special character.

Easy Hosting

5,000 LKR

  • Hosting 10GB
  • Email Unlimited
  • Configured CMS
  • No FTP and CP Access

Fast Web

12,000 LKR

  • 5 web pages site 12,000LKR
  • 10web pages site 15,000LKR
  • 15web pages site 18,000LKR

Custom Web

Custom Web

  • Trailer-made
  • Fully customized
  • Support of professional web developers
  • Affordable price